15 July 2021

Germany as a financial center: What framework does an internationally competitive financial center need?

The new "Bankendialog" series on Germany as a financial center kicked off on July 15, 2021 with a panel discussion on the question of what framework conditions an internationally competitive financial center needs.

Everyone agreed that Germany needs a strong, international and competitive financial center. We discussed what is needed to achieve this with Bettina Orlopp, Wolfgang Fink, Sabine Mauderer, Philipp Nimmermann, Bettina Stark-Watzinger and Eva Wimmer. Our panelists already have very specific ideas on what investments are needed, who we need to win over, but also what strengths already exist. For more information and a recording of the live stream, please visit Strengthening Germany as a Financial Center.

This series, a cooperation of the Association of German Banks and the Hesse Banking Association, will shed light on further aspects of financial market policy in the coming months.

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