26 November 2020

Between Lockdown and Vaccine - what´s next for the economy?

On 26 November 2020, the Association of Banks in Hesse invited to the 1st digitaldialogue with the title "Between lockdown and vaccine - what happens next with the economy? In this interesting debate with representatives from politics, finance and healthcare companies, we discussed the effects of the corona pandemic on the economy and the role of banks in overcoming the crisis. We also discussed how companies and banks are prepared for the second lockdown and what measures are now needed to further support the economy.

Here you can follow the discussion between Michael Boddenberg, Hessian Minister of Finance; Bettina Orlopp, Member of the Management Board, Commerzbank AG and Chairwoman, Association of Banks in Hesse and Stephan Sturm, Chairman of the Management Board, Fresenius Management SE:

digitaldialog_Zwischen Lockdown und Impfstoff - wie geht's weiter mit der Wirtschaft? from Bankenakademie on Vimeo.

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