Promoting education

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Hesse has numerous public and private universities and is therefore an important centre of education. What is more, Frankfurt’s institutions of higher education offer courses focusing on economics, finance and management. Over 66,000 students currently study here at a university, college or private institution.

  • Founded in 1914 by citizens of Frankfurt, Goethe University is now the third-biggest university in Germany. Its House of Finance combines several interdisciplinary research and education activities in the area of finance and financial law. With an academic staff of around 200, including 40 professors, the House of Finance has one of Europe’s largest research groups on financial and monetary issues. The Association of Banks in Hesse regularly organises events in close cooperation with the House of Finance. The House of Finance is also home to the LOEWE Centre SAFE (Sustainable Architecture for Finance in Europe), which on 1 January 2020 will become a new Leibniz Institute funded by Germany’s federal and state governments.
  • The Frankfurt School of Finance & Management is a research-based business school. The campus in Frankfurt has more than 2,000 students studying for state-recognised and accredited bachelor’s and master’s degrees or working on their doctorate. For many years, the Association of Banks in Hesse has honoured and awarded prizes to the top graduates in Banking Studies and of the follow-on Banking Business Administration and Management programmes.


Economic education in schools – our seminar for teachers

Knowledge of how economics function is crucially important for all of us – if, for example, we are to build up assets of our own or plan for retirement. Economic education should start at school. The Association of Banks in Hesse makes a substantial contribution to this. We are very happy to support its initiative. (Professor Dr. Nils Stieglitz, President of the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management)

Since 2000 we have been offering teachers education seminars free of charge in close cooperation with the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. These advanced training courses are designed and conducted by the Frankfurt School. The programme includes interactive lectures by Frankfurt School professors supplemented by contributions from guest lecturers specialising in economics and finance. In addition to the transfer of knowledge, the programme offers sufficient opportunities for lecturers and participating teachers to exchange views and experience. The event is rounded off with a visit to a bank, the ECB or the stock exchange – enabling our teachers to take a look behind the scenes of the financial world!

Our training courses normally take place twice a year. They are aimed at teachers in secondary schools and address economic, financial and political topics. The seminars focus not only on possible lesson content but also on didactic methods, including the use of electronic media. We want to help teachers to introduce their students to complex economic issues in a practical and understandable way and to awaken an enthusiasm for economics.